Michelle Cummings is an executive with expertise in the direction of multi-million dollar business units and a passion for supply chain management, operational improvement consulting and logistical data quality.  She brings a proven track record to MatchBack Systems in sustained rapid revenue growth through building and retaining high performance teams. Her experience in the logistics and technology industry for over 25 years has been demonstrated at three successful leading global logistics start-up companies where her participation was instrumental from initial concept to profitability.
Immediately prior to joining MatchBack Systems, Michelle was the Vice President Ocean Services and Partners at GT NEXUS.  She developed and executed a strategic plan for customer satisfaction between the ocean carrier community and large Fortune 500 customers working on the platform. She organized and led the GT Nexus Shipper Council Subcommittee on Carrier Relations and Execution standards, and secured the top 25 ocean carriers in the world who joined the portal as customers.  Michelle’s actions helped build GT Nexus from a single solution to a multiple solution platform, which led to the GT Nexus acquisition by Infor.
Michelle has additionally held executive and management positions at INTTRA, Maritime Direct, Norasia and CP Ships. She has a Bachelors of Arts: Communications and Social Psychology from Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI.