Smart Technology 

Our advanced technology automates processes to optimize inland container moves, streamline workflow, and deliver valuable analytics for network planning.

Data is a rich resource but its power can’t be harnessed with an inefficient process. Our flexible data lakehouse analyzes huge data sets in microseconds, powered by AI and machine learning. Insights from our analysis drive network optimization to multiply efficiencies for international shipments.
MatchBack Systems collaborative software integrates with your systems to enhance existing processes and operations to ensure complete automation. Our highly configurable system allows tailoring to your business rules and changing markets. We also have robust controls to safeguard your data, ensuring protection and compliance.

Comprehensive technology optimizes the inland container lifecycle

Optimization Engine

Our award-winning engine applies advanced algorithms to identify optimal routings and tours. We utilize AI and machine learning to reveal valuable savings and sustainable opportunities.

Process Automation

Whether you’re focused on cost, transit time or eco-friendly shipments, we have streamlined the inland workflow with automated processes to support planners, reduce rework and increase productivity. 

Predictive Analytics and Insights

Turn advanced analytics into actionable intelligence for proactive planning. Smart technology identifies trends and yields new insights to optimize processes and inland network performance. 

Leverage AI-powered technology to optimize your inland operations for productivity gains.

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