Bob Baker, Director
President / CEO and Chairman of the Board, SynchroNet Marine, Inc.
President / CEO, SynchroNet Intermodal Services, Inc.
President / CEO, SynchroNet Logistics, Inc.

Bob Baker is the President and Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of SynchroNet Marine, Inc. and President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of SynchroNet Intermodal Services, Inc. He grew through the ranks of SynchroNet Marine to his current positions.
Bob joined SynchroNet in 2000 and within a few months was promoted to Vice President, Sales where he was charged with overseeing global sales and client services, and setting the direction and office expansion in the European and Asia marketplaces.
In 2002 as Executive Vice President of Sales and Customer Service, Bob led an aggressive business development plan after the acquisition of the Greybox interchange group, which successfully tripled interchange activity and revenues, and was instrumental to the company’s re-branding effort launched in 2006.
In 2007, Bob was named President and CEO of SynchroNet Marine Inc. and in October 2009 he assumed the additional role as President and CEO of the newly created SynchroNet Intermodal Services, Inc., which emphasized marine container interchange and transportation services exclusively within North America.  As CEO of SynchroNet Logistics, the parent company of both SynchroNet Marine and SynchroNet Intermodal, Bob has been instrumental in completing several key transactions; most recently the sale of a major division of SynchroNet Intermodal Services to Logistics Plus, Inc. of Erie, PA in 2016.
Prior to joining SynchroNet, Bob served in a variety of capacities working within the container shipping industry for several large operators such as Sea-Land Services, Crowley Maritime Corporation and United States Lines. Bob holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Hofstra University and studied Mechanical Engineering at the Illinois Institute of Technology. He is a frequent speaker at logistics, technology and transportation industry events.