MatchPodium™ Launch

Apr 13 2016

MatchBack Systems Launches MatchPodium™ to Provide Systematic Street-turn Options


MatchPodium Uses Big Data To Enable Systematic Street-Turn Matches

Green Bay, WI – 13 April 2016 – MatchBack Systems, Inc. (,
the leading software solution to automate, plan and communicate street-turns, launches
MatchPodium to analyze big data and create actionable information that provides systematic
street-turn options to planners.

“We understand it’s critical to take data and quickly turn it into useful information that is easy for
planners to react and respond with the best possible decisions for their business,” said Todd
Ericksrud, president and CEO of MatchBack Systems, Inc. “Without technology, most companies
rely on simple decision-support tools, emails or manual processes. Unfortunately, the
overwhelming majority of companies don’t address street-turns at all because it’s too complex.
MatchBack Systems simplifies this complex process. We take large amounts of street-turn data,
apply the right technology to present the planner with information about optimal matchback pairs
and options to review, confirm and communicate. And, MatchPodium, our systematic street-turn
solution, makes it even easier.”

MatchPodium creates systematic street-turns and “what-if” scenarios based on MatchBack
Systems analytics. “We use big data analytics as a key enabler to create street-turns before, and
as they happen, to provide new street-turn options for all parties,” continues Ericksrud.
“MatchPodium ranks the best street-turns in a customer’s ecosystem for them. No more calling, no
more searching – just confirm your street-turn. Planners report MatchPodium simplifies the streetturn
process and reduces e-mails, calls and manual spreadsheets.”

Several MatchBack System customers are already using MatchPodium to automate street-turns
and provide planners with guidance analysis they didn’t have before. One customer reported that
the software has renewed a “street-turn culture,” because it’s never been easier to find potential

To request a demonstration of MatchPodium, the MatchBack Systems vendor portal or join the
MatchBack Systems network, please contact us at 1.844.4ST-TURN (1.844.478.8876) or In Europe, please call +31 107470002.

MatchBack Systems, Inc. is a Software as a Service (SaaS) organization with an innovative
approach to street-turn (matchback) containers. The company has designed a unique optimization
technology to automate the street-turn process on a neutral, collaborative portal for shippers,
steamship lines, truckers, forwarders and other supply chain participants who are motivated to
street-turn containers. The MatchBack Systems’ solutions are on a common platform
(MatchWerks™) to lower overall supply chain costs, improve planner efficiency and reduce
emissions. For more information visit


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