MatchBack Systems Market Updates & Analysis 

We closely monitor supply chain trends and challenges that impact the street-turn ecosystem.
Here we provide our updates and analysis of market conditions affecting international and domestic container flows.

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7/27/2021 - Domestic Street-Turn Container Supply

Below is a breakdown of domestic container supply for street-turns by location and size. This useful data is provided by one of our customers

(Gain access to this customer's container supply and demand by whitelisting with them on the Matchback Systems portal. For more detail contact:


6/11/2021 - MatchBack Systems Export Index

Weekly export volume indexed on January 2020 across a common basket of MatchBack Systems' customers in the ocean carrier, trucker and 3PL arena.  


Updates - 6/26/2020 through 8/12/2020

Updates - 6/1/2020 through 6/17/2020

Updates - 4/29/2020 through 5/29/2020

Updates - 4/15/2020 through 4/28/2020

Updates - 3/28/2020 through 4/14/2020

Updates - 3/19/2020 through 3/27/2020

Updates - 3/11/2020 through 3/18/2020




7/30/2021 - MatchBack Systems Gateway Analysis

 Our heat map illustrates the import impact on U.S. gateways.  The yellow areas show fewer import containers YoY.  The green areas note markets that have gained.  The larger the dot, the bigger the absolute impact.


6/11/2021 - MatchBack Systems Import Index

Weekly import volume indexed on January 2020 across a common basket of MatchBack Systems' ocean carrier, 3PL and port trucking customers.