The ideal time to lock in street-turn savings is during a procurement event. Yet without the visibility to match import supply with export locations, street-turn opportunities are hidden.  MatchProcurement not only identifies optimal container matches but provides bid preparation and analysis to help you secure predetermined street-turn rates and ensure savings.
Coupled with MatchBack Systems execution platforms, MatchProcurement delivers an end-to-end street-turn solution to identify, procure and execute your high value matchbacks:

1) Our match engine identifies the import and export tours that offer valuable street-turn opportunities for your network.

2) We bring meaningful intelligence to guide your procurement plan and provide metrics for bid events to lock in savings.

3) Street-turns are executed on MatchAdvisor or MatchMarketplace, the portals for supply chain partners.

4) We provide reports, scorecards and dashboards so you can monitor performance along with cost and emission savings throughout the street-turn lifecycle.

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