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MatchBack Systems' Robust SaaS Turns Data to Dollars, Helps Companies Take on 2016 Supply Chain Trends

January 14, 2016
MatchBack Systems, Inc. (, the leading software solution to automate, plan and communicate street-turns, is ready for 2016 supply chain challenges. Digital Supply Chain
identified four key supply chain trends for 2016:
  • Using technology as a core driver
  • Flexible, transparent and responsible supply chains
  • Small improvements leading to big success
  • Think and do faster

MatchBack Systems has created street-turn technology that takes all four trends head on. Streetturns (also known as matchbacks) represent a major strategic opportunity for import shipping
companies to reposition empty containers to export bookings without having to access the ports.
Today, a majority of the import containers return to ports empty and almost 50% of the containers
inland are empty.

Todd Ericksrud, president and CEO of MatchBack Systems, Inc. said, “The ISO maritime
landscape where companies need to synchronize international and domestic supply chains is more
complex than almost any other portion of the supply chain. Our customers deal with steamship
lines, ports, customs, shippers, truckers, chassis, containers, increased regulatory environment
and numerous detention and demurrage requirements. Unfortunately, this complex supply chain is
underserved by most technology solutions, especially when it comes to street-turns.”

Apply the right technology. Most street-turns attempted today use low-tech tools and technology,
like spreadsheets, rolodexes and e-mail. These solutions sub-optimize the results and are time
consuming, so many times companies don’t even attempt street-turns. Other companies have tried
to apply generic and simple technology or create a bulletin board to match street-turns with
nominal results. With the complexity of the supply chain, numerous scenarios and volumes of data
flowing in all directions require configurable and agile technology to simplify and automate the
street-turn process. That’s what MatchBack Systems did, they disrupted the landscape with a
simplified street-turn process (matching import containers with export containers) to provide users
with results that are better and faster than they could have found on their own. The MatchBack
Systems patent-pending, global optimization algorithms address the unique complexity of each
customer. “We don’t just apply standards and static technology with a slick user interface,”
continued Ericksrud. “Our proprietary algorithms address each individual customer and user’s
unique business rules to ensure the street-turns address their specific needs. Every street-turn
returns approximately $400 to the industry. Imagine what this can mean to your bottom line!”

Putting the supply chain puzzle pieces together in just the right way. Ericksrud also points to
the need for more collaboration among supply chain participants to add transparency and flexibility
to their supply chains. “Although all parties benefit from street-turns, no company has all the pieces
of the street-turn puzzle,” he continues. “Import parties don’t know where the best export is for their
container. Parties with an export don’t know where the import container supply is located. There
may be some opportunistic collaboration within their own ecosystem (e.g. truckers and customers),
but no one has the complete picture and ability to optimize user’s unique business rules. In the
street-turn space, all parties benefit more when they collaborate on an open platform with trusted
partners to identify optimal solutions. MatchBack Systems’ vendor portal and MatchAlert™’s
customer portal connect customers with their ecosystem of vendors (truckers) and/or customers on
a common platform to lower costs and increase visibility for supply-demand optimization. Everyone
wins! Truckers benefit with more revenue generating miles, shippers pay for fewer empty
movements, containers are returned loaded more quickly and customers find equipment inland
they didn’t know was available. That’s the power of our technology.”

To request a demonstration of MatchBack Systems vendor portal or join the MatchBack Systems
network, please contact us at 1.844.4ST-TURN (1.844.478.8876) or
email. In Europe, please call +31 107470002.