Matchback Systems Launches Pivot™ Solution

Pivot optimizes inland container shipping for efficiency and sustainability

February 14, 2024

Green Bay, WIMatchBack Systems, Inc., a leading provider of software solutions to optimize inland container shipping, announced the launch of PivotTM, a comprehensive solution to optimize the inland lifecycle of international containers for efficiency, cost savings, and sustainability.

Built on MatchBack Systems’ award-winning technology, Pivot optimizes the entire inland lifecycle to maximize asset utilization, improve workflow productivity, and lower costs. The solution leverages AI and machine learning to optimize inland routing and tours with automated processes that integrate with a customer’s existing system. Container optimization reduces cost, distance, fuel consumption, and emissions.  MatchBack Systems delivers carbon accounting along with opportunities for customers to earn carbon credits through emissions savings to offset Scope 3 emissions.

“Pivot is laser focused on solving industry inefficiencies which cost millions in avoidable expense and environmental damage,” said Todd Ericksrud, COO of MatchBack Systems.  “The solution transforms inland container shipping with AI-powered technology to drive efficient, cost effective, and sustainable operations.  Pivot enables customers to achieve network and cost efficiencies at scale while accelerating their sustainability efforts.”

Pivot delivers financial, operational, and environmental benefits to landside container operations.

  • Dispatch and Tender Optimization: Optimize inland tours, tenders, and truck assignment to improve equipment utilization and capacity management, cutting transportation cost by up to 20% and increasing tours by almost 50%.
  • Container Reuse Optimization: Scale container reuse to save $150-$400 in direct transportation costs and eliminate 400 pounds of CO2 emissions with each tour.
  • Process Automation: Streamline the inland workflow with automated processes to support planners, reduce rework, and increase productivity.
  • Carbon Accounting: Track, measure, and report carbon impact following international standards with auditable data to meet GHG disclosure requirements.

Sustainability is a key pillar of MatchBack Systems’ services to help customers achieve their decarbonization goals.  Applying its optimization engines, MatchBack Systems identifies actionable opportunities to reduce CO2 emissions, and verifies emissions savings with a carbon impact calculator.

“Optimization is the key to unlock sustainability and our operational approach is key to scale the opportunity.  Not only will our customers measure their carbon impact and reduce emissions, they also have the opportunity to earn carbon credits for their efficiency,” said Ericksrud. “With the launch of Pivot, MatchBack Systems continues to deliver efficiencies to benefit both the environment and the bottom line.”