The Sustainability Issue

October 25, 2022

The economic and environmental win of going green, street-turn sustainability, plus industry progress and challenges for decarbonization

Supply Chain Leaders Tackle Industry Challenges

September 17, 2021

IANA Expo takeways, the 'Holy Grail' of street-turns, our new team member, and records shattered in the news

Supply Chain Chaos and Soaring Costs

July 07, 2021

MatchMarketplace for collaborative street-turns, freight tech innovation in Green Bay, and our return to in-person events

The Sustainability Issue

April 22, 2021

The greening of transportation, street-turn sustainability, and a round-up of industry efforts toward a zero emissions future

The "Other" Dual Port Transaction

March 04, 2021

How street-turns relieve port congestion,  our procurement solution, IT for trucking in our podcast, and supply chain news

The Market Challenge of Repositioning Containers

December 17, 2020

Street-turns tackle cargo flow disruption, our Green Supply Chain Award, a new podcast, and the impact of the import surge

Shipping Industry Stresses and Solutions

October 29, 2020

Our market expansion, a podcast with a Transpacific trade expert, our 'Revolutionary CEO', and shipageddon in the news

Supply Chain Challenges

September 24, 2020

Container imbalance solutions, a container sales and leasing expert in our podcast, Bob Hess retires, and hot topics in the news

Growing Our Platform with the Domestic Intermodal Market

August 06, 2020

Welcoming new customers, our market analysis, a podcast with a logistics tech leader, plus our round-up of industry news

Street-turns are "The Last Frontier" for Reducing Costs

July 30, 2020

Support for street-turn solutions, a round-up of industry hot topics, our latest podcast, and the blue economy under threat

Scaling Street-turn Opportunities and Signs of Recovery in the Supply Chain

May 21, 2020

An exciting step for MatchBack Systems, the value of street-turns, our new podcast, plus cautious optimism in the industry

COVID-19 Impact and Response

April 09, 2020

A complimentary Scenario Analysis, our container forecast and analysis web page, and supply chain disruption in the news

Introducing MatchProcurement

February 28, 2020

Our new MatchProcurement solution, a podcast with our trucking insider and a 10 billions dollar question in the news section

2019 Highlights and 2020 Trends

January 28, 2020

This issue features our 2019 highlights, a new podcast and a trip to El Dorado, along with industry trends to watch in 2020

Industry news and innovation on the Newsbrief radar

December 19, 2019

Street-turn momentum, the latest podcast and one of our 'Match Makers' feature in this edition

News highlights plus industry insights from an expert

October 18, 2019

Tech event takeaways, a podcast episode with a unique industry insider, and the rise of the CSCO in the news section

The Matchback Newsbrief: Sustainability Issue

September 09, 2019

How we put teeth in sustainability, a new podcast with an industry insider, and a news round-up amid market uncertainty

Industry news, awards and booyah in this month's Newsbrief

July 16, 2019

This edition features industry issues and tech trends, our latest awards, a new podcast episode … and booyah.

Catch up on all the news in the latest Matchback Newsbrief

June 04, 2019

In this edition we illustrate how street-turns can relieve port congestion pain and introduce one of our 'Match Makers'

Industry news from industry experts in this month's Matchback Newsbrief!

April 16, 2019

This edition features our new podcast where we invite industry leaders and influencers to share their views on supply chain topics.

Catch Up on What's New in This Month's Matchback Newsbrief

February 25, 2019

While supply chain challenges remain, new opportunities abound. We highlight matchback opportunities for the industry, including one that is unique to you, and much more in this month's Matchback News

New Year, Newsbrief

January 16, 2019

In this issue we recap our award-winning 2018 and survey industry issues and trends for 2019 and beyond.

Important Industry News and an Interview With Our CEO, Todd Ericksrud

December 06, 2018

Alliances, new standards, baby elephant blankets and more in this month's Matchback Newsbrief.

Industry News and our JOC Innovation Jam win in the November Newsbrief

November 01, 2018

New rule moves ahead, a new acquisition, and a new frontier for female executives throughout the supply chain industry. We also recap our JOC Innovation Jam win in this month's Matchback Newsbrief.

Industry News By The Numbers

October 05, 2018

Catch up on industry news by the numbers, including our collaboration with GE Transportation in the their successful Port Optimizer solution.

Security, Sustainability & More

August 10, 2018

From cyber security to smart and sustainable supply chain solutions, stay current with the latest industry news.

Sustainable Tech

July 13, 2018

Strong demand and soaring transport costs remain a challenge, but the tech sector has solutions...

Planning For a More Sustainable Future

June 13, 2018

Hiring is up, and sustainability goals continue to hold values as logistics companies plan their own futures in the supply chain industry. 

More Plans For Emissions Reduction as Transport Costs Continue to Rise

May 11, 2018

A surge in manufacturing demand, plans for emission reduction, supply chain bottlenecks and high transportation costs highlight this month's industry news. 

Supply Chain Costs Are On The Rise

April 11, 2018

Rising supply chain costs are hitting the headlines. Click here to read about this impactful trend.

How Technology is Driving Supply Chain Evolution

February 21, 2018

Read about the digitization of the shipping industry, a trend that is blurring lines between technology and logistics companies.

What’s Shapeless and Weightless, Yet Costs Shippers Billions of Dollars Each Year?

January 31, 2018

We cover supply chain trends for 2018, including the continued effort toward emission reduction solutions.

MatchBack Systems is Sponsoring the 2018 TPM Conferenc

November 27, 2017

This installment features news from the transportation industry and an update on where you can find us in March 2018.

The Premier Industry Street-turn Network Launches Multi-Party Matching Platform

October 01, 2017

This issue highlights our multi-party matchback solution and covers industry news from around the world.

ZIM Adds MatchBack Systems Analytics Services in Italy

September 01, 2017

Click to read our first installment of the MatchBack Newsbrief, our curated collection of pertinent industry news and company updates.