Our Pivot solution transforms international container shipping with AI-powered technology to drive efficient, cost effective, and sustainable operations inland.

MatchBack Systems is laser focused on improving inland container lifecycle inefficiencies. Pivot is a comprehensive solution to overcome industry challenges with advanced algorithms and automated processes. We enable customers to achieve network and cost efficiencies at scale while pivoting to sustainability.

Technology and operational approach solve industry inefficiencies

Pivot brings flexibility so you can adapt your network planning to meet business objectives and market conditions. Our technology uses advanced algorithms to support proactive planning. Learn more about our Smart Technology capabilities.

Pivot delivers financial, operational, and environmental benefits to landside container operations.

Dispatch and Tender Optimization

Reduce transportation costs by up to 20% and increase tours by almost 50%. Optimize container dispatch and tendering with automated processes to streamline workflow and reduce rework. Improve your equipment utilization, capacity management and container reuse to maximize efficiencies and cost savings.

Container Reuse Optimization

Deliver real savings and sustainability benefits. Save $150-400 in direct transportation costs and eliminate 400 pounds of CO2e emissions for each reuse. Built on our award-winning technology, MatchBack Systems optimizes inland container operations for reuse to reduce cost, distance, fuel consumption and emissions.


Optimization is key to unlocking sustainability. Carbon accounting with verifiable and auditable data that meets international reporting standards.  Our Emissions Impact Calculator verifies your emissions savings which in turn earn carbon credits to offset Scope 3 emissions. Visit our Carbon Accounting page for details.

Supercharge your inland operations for asset productivity and sustainability

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