• Moving Train
    Collaborate to find matchback opportunities
    with supply chain partners
  • Moving Truck
    Automate the street-turn process across your
    network to optimize workflow
  • Container Ship
    Reduce emissions with matchbacks to
    achieve your sustainability goals

Welcome to MatchBack Systems

We are transforming the intermodal industry with an innovative approach to solve the problem of container repositioning inland. Our solutions help companies to identify, plan and execute street-turns (matchbacks), enabling them to unlock cost and emissions savings as well as operational efficiencies that were previously unattainable. By automating time-consuming activities, our technology empowers customers to manage this complex process in a systematic and scalable way with a streamlined workflow.

We deliver international and domestic container matching which benefit all parties in the supply chain including shippers, ocean carriers, truckers and intermediaries (3PLs, freight forwarders, NVOCCs, IMCs and ports). Customers use our cloud-based system to match pickups and deliveries within their own network or digitally connect with other parties collaborating on our neutral portal.

MatchBack Systems is The Street-turn Expert powered by innovative technology and a team of logistics experts.

Explore our portfolio of solutions designed to automate and optimize street-turns

What is a matchback?

matchback occurs when an import container move is matched with an export booking inland to eliminate the transportation of empty containers to and from the port. A matchback is also known as a street-turn or triangulation. Connecting containers inland is an economic and environmental win.

Each street-turn saves $150-$400 in direct transportation costs and eliminates 440 pounds of CO2.  

What our customers say about us

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