MatchWerks™ 2.0

Jul 20 2015

MatchWerksTM 2.0 Launched


Complete Automation of Street-Turns (Matchbacks) Now Available

Green Bay, WI – 20 July 2015 – In the continuing effort to provide innovative SaaS solutions, to
respond to customer requirements and automate the often manual and complex process of streetturns,
MatchBack Systems ( today launched MatchWerks™ 2.0.
The original MatchWerks platform offered simple automation to the street-turn process, provided
planners optimal match guidance, contained intelligence for container supply and demand and
engaged the customers’ ecosystems.

“We are excited to provide a high-tech solution to a complex, underserved supply chain segment,”
said Todd Ericksrud, president and CEO of MatchBack Systems, Inc. “Our optimization algorithms
incorporate our customer’s business rules to quickly focus the planners on optimal matchbacks to

This new version of the MatchWerks™ platform expands upon the automation of the matchback
(street-turn) process and to assist big data manipulation for empty ISO containers in the supply
chain. The collaborative industry platform, MatchWerks 2.0, now offers:

Enhanced Auto Match Functionality: provides capability for partial and for a completely
automated matchback solution
Match Priority: sequences customer’s preference for matching. Customers now have the
ability to indicate preferred customers with whom they specifically want to match
Distance Saved: allows customers to choose to view their potential matches sorted by the
distance saved by executing the street-turn in addition to the miles driven
Enhanced Match Considerations: enables customers to consider drive time and/or
unloading time
Auto Match Screen: improved functionality to filter results, see additional post information to
assist in decisions, and extract and/or print confirmed pairs
Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) Support: support sending XML data files via SOAP
Detailed Analytics: match and savings analytics provided for users and companies as well
as downloadable reports

“Every missed matchback costs the industry with hundreds of dollars,” Ericksrud added.
“MatchWerks2.0 focuses on the inland container optimization and matchback automation to provide
the industry an efficient and innovative approach to realize matchback savings.”

If you would like to request a demonstration of MatchWerks™ 2.0 or are interested in joining the
MatchBack Systems network, please contact us at +1.844.4ST-TURN (+1844.478.8876) or


MatchBack Systems, Inc. is a Software as a Service (SaaS) organization with an innovative approach
to street-turn (matchback) containers. The Company designed a unique optimization technology to
automate the street-turn process on a neutral, collaborative portal for shippers, steamship lines,
truckers, forwarders and other supply chain participants who are interested and motivated to street-turn
containers. The MatchBack Systems’ solution:

automates the street-turn process
provides planners optimal match guidance
contains intelligence for container supply and demand
engages the customers’ ecosystem

all on a common platform to lower overall supply chain costs, improve planner efficiency and reduce

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