Boston Consulting Group Study Reviews Container Interchange Best Practices

MatchBack Services is a "player rapidly reshaping shipping"

December 14, 2016
MatchBack Systems, Inc., the leading software solution to automate, plan and optimize
matchbacks, was referenced in a study published in November 2016 by the Boston Consulting
Group (BCG). “Bringing the Sharing Economy to Shipping,” provides insights into the costs to
reposition containers and the imbalance that currently exists in the marketplace. The study notes
that expenses associated with transporting empty boxes to locations where they can be loaded
with cargo represent 5% to 8% of a typical carrier’s total operating costs and amount to $15 billion
to $20 billion each year for the industry.

Todd Ericksrud, President & CEO of MatchBack Systems, said it’s possible to eliminate waste in
the empty container marketplace today using technology. “MatchBack Systems is proud to be
recognized as one of the companies reshaping the shipping industry with our street-turn (or
matchback) platform. To restructure an industry, there needs to be a standard, and we’ve created
one for matchbacks. Daily, we calculate over one million potential matchbacks and use our big
data analytics to identify which ones are critical to automate for each customer. A matchback
occurs when an inland container is paired with its next pick-up without going back to the port. Each
matchback delivers between $150 and $400 for our customers.”

“Traditionally, matchbacks have been difficult to execute. With our technology, matchbacks are a
key strategy for customers to reduce cost and eliminate waste in their supply chain,” continued
Ericksrud. “Our mission is to utilize technology to create a paradigm shift in container repositioning
and we have customers who eliminate up to 80,000 miles per month via matchbacks.” MatchBack
Systems currently works with companies like Kuehne & Nagel, Container Port Group and MOL to
reduce costs associated with empty container repositioning and to eliminate emissions.

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