Georgia Tech Intern Experience

MatchBack Systems is a Great Place for Interns to Gain Hands-On Experience

May 24, 2016
MatchBack Systems, Inc., the leading software solution to automate, plan and communicate street-turns, selects Masters interns
from the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) to assist them to continually innovate and
improve their software technologies. It’s a mutually rewarding partnership for both organizations.

“We have a wonderful relationship with Georgia Tech,” said Todd Ericksrud, CEO of MatchBack
Systems. “The Supply Chain Engineering Master’s candidates we have worked with over the last
two years understand our vision. They helped us create stronger big data algorithms for global
optimization, analyze our match criteria and develop cutting edge technologies to provide real-time
information for our customers to optimize their supply chains. At the same time, we provided them
with meaningful logistics projects to test and hone their skills.”

MatchBack Systems started to work with interns from Georgia Tech in 2015. “The projects and
internships with MatchBack Systems offer a nearly unparalleled opportunity to combine our
technical skills with MatchBack Systems depth of experience and breadth of industry knowledge.
This joint effort focuses on bringing science and technology to street-turns,” reports Dr. John
Vande Vate, Professor and Executive Director of EMIL-SCS at Georgia Tech. “The Master’s
candidates personal connection with MatchBack Systems executive team provides immediate and
tangible feedback for professional development and creates meaningful results from their projects
for the Company that will have a lasting impact. That’s what truly makes these internships
rewarding work experiences for our students and beneficial for our corporate partners.”

Rohit Karvekar interned with MatchBack Systems in 2015 and said his time with the company was
a great experience. “I worked on projects that will have a huge impact on container logistics in
coming years,” said Rohit. “I enhanced my data engineering and analysis skills, presented to
senior fellows and investors, assisted in the formation of a new product and felt like a valued part of
an innovative team and company. MatchBack Systems has truly great people who value interns’
input to innovation. Overall, I could not have asked for a more constructive internship opportunity.”

Rohit also said he was inspired by the employees at MatchBack Systems and their passion for
innovation. “The employees at MatchBack Systems have expertise in identifying logistics problems
and solving them with technology,” he reports. “Their ability to innovate will revolutionize ocean
container supply chains.”

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