MatchBack Systems Launches MatchAdvisorTM to Optimize Inland Street-Turns

October 13, 2015
MatchBack Systems, Inc.
(, the leading software solution to automate, plan and
communicate street-turns, launches MatchAdvisor™ to help customers realize street-turn savings,
improve container utilization and reduce emissions.

“Effectively pairing container delivery with available pick-ups is a huge problem in the maritime
industry across the globe,” said Todd Ericksrud, president and CEO of MatchBack Systems, Inc.
“Nearly 50% of international container miles are empty, primarily because companies lack the realtime information to generate effective street-turns. We also understand that each company
operates on their own business rules, so what might work for one company may not apply to
everyone. That’s why we developed MatchAdvisor – a highly configurable, automated platform that
allows each customer to set priorities based on their unique container optimization needs.
MatchAdvisor vets through hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of potential street-turns to quickly
focus planners on the optimal matches for their company. Matches happen in seconds, so planners
have the information they need quickly to communicate to their supply chain partners. Better yet –
each successful street-turn match saves approximately $400 (USD).”

MatchAdvisor uses the company’s patent-pending global optimization algorithms to automate a
customer’s complex supply chain to realize street-turn savings. MatchBack Systems services
available with MatchAdvisor include:
• Configurable business rules to pair, plan and communicate street-turns
• Fully automated street-turn process
• Prioritized customer matching based on your needs
• Portal to communicate ‘the plan’ with your ecosystem of customers and vendors
• System alerts notify the users when posts status’ change
• Access to MatchDensity™, MatchBack Systems’ two-party street-turn guidance
• Whitelisted ecosystem of partners for greater trust and collaboration
• Automated ‘Container Reuse Advice’ of street-turn to equipment owners

To request a demonstration of MatchAdvisor or join the MatchBack Systems network, please
contact us at 1.844.4ST-TURN (1.844.478.8876) or email.