MatchBack Systems Neutral Platform

MatchBack Systems Neutral Collaboration Platform, MatchwerksTM, Manages Big Data on Empty ISO Containers

May 04, 2015
MatchBack Systems, Inc. ( recently
introduced its unique collaborative industry platform, MatchWerksTM. MatchWerks automates the
street-turn (matchback)1 process and provides planners with optimal match guidance. Street-turns are
a supply chain win for steamship lines, truckers, shippers, ports and integrators by eliminating empty
movements and reducing emissions. Unfortunately, no stakeholder has all the puzzle pieces to create
the optimal street-turn and if they did, there is so much data that it wouldn’t be feasible to manually
operate in. MatchWerks’ neutral street-turn software manages big data for ISO containers and
provides the collaboration platform for motivated parties to efficiently collaborate and put the streetturn puzzle pieces together.

MatchBack Systems’ platform is open to all industry stakeholders - truckers, steamship lines, shippers
and forwarders - looking to create street-turns. The Company’s user-friendly web-based solution
facilitates strategic connections unknown or untapped to the user’s organization. MatchWerks™
improves planner efficiency through its patent-pending optimization genius, which analyzes customer
specifications and complex port drayage activity to deliver street-turn opportunities that optimize the
interests of all industry parties.

“I’ve heard people call the land-side of the international supply chain a ‘black hole’,” said Todd
Ericksrud, president and CEO, MatchBack Systems. “Unfortunately, this black hole is one of the most
complex parts of the supply chain with numerous parties. There is a need for tools and solutions to
handle the millions of records and permutations in this black hole to support land-side port
transportation, and specifically to perform street-turns. Our vision is to make street-turns mainstream
with our neutral collaboration portal, MatchWerks™, which is open to all the parties. Another base
premise of our solution is trust and confidence. We encrypt and mask critical customer data and will
never get between our customer and their vendors or end-customers.”

MatchWerksTM manages and manipulates big container data that is difficult, cost prohibitive, timely or
otherwise impossible to manage with precision. MatchWerks™ accepts data in the customer’s format
and translates that data for international supply and demand. This data is then turned into meaningful
and usable information, information necessary to complete the street-turn puzzle and make the best
business decisions.