MatchBack Systems Partners with NorthEast Wisconsin Technical College

MatchBack Systems Partners with Northeast Wisconsin Technical College to Harness the Power of Big Data

June 14, 2016
MatchBack Systems, Inc., the leading software solution to plan, optimize and communicate street-turns, selects interns from
Northeast Wisconsin Technical College (NWTC) to help write code to process big data and ensure
the data delivers information clients can use to make better business decisions.

“The students we’ve been working with at NWTC are fully integrated with our staff in North America
and support our global operations,” said Tammy Leurquin, Sr. VP of IT and Operations, MatchBack
Systems. “Each intern is a valued member of our team, providing critical IT support for our
customers and staff. They provide us with a unique perspective, fresh ideas and are dedicated to
make a positive impact for our customers. We give them real-world IT experience, personal
mentoring, problem-solving skills and exposure to a business culture. It’s a win/win partnership.”

Leaders at NWTC agree these life experiences are priceless for their students. Julie Ebben-
Matzke, Associate Dean for Business & Technology at NWTC, said, “MatchBack Systems has a
great learning environment for our students. The company has been an excellent partner because
they take a personal interest in each student to allow them gain the most out of their time with
them. We’re excited to see them grow, knowing our interns and graduates had a small part in their

And, what do the students think about interning at MatchBack Systems? Dylan Hoffman interned
with the company this spring and received his Associate Degree as a Computer Support Specialist
from NWTC in May 2016, with an ultimate goal of working in cybersecurity. He is planning to attend
University of Wisconsin-Green Bay to work towards a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Sciences,
with an emphasis on Information Technology.

He said his time with the company has been very rewarding. “It’s one thing to learn about computer
support projects in coursework, but it’s completely different when you’re actually doing the work. I
learned so much more from this internship to prepare me for my career. I’ve been especially
impressed with this group of talented, passionate individuals and I’m happy to contribute and be a
part of their success.”

Kari Bacher, International Student Support and Internship Assistant at NWTC, says it’s especially
important for international students who are on campus with a scholarship from the U.S.
Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs to find an internship with hands-on
experience. “These students are required to have an internship to receive an Information
Technology (IT) Certificate,” says Bacher. “Most of these students don’t have an opportunity for
hands-on experience in their home countries. MatchBack Systems has been a wonderful place for
our students because they invest a great deal of time with them and help them get the real-world
experience they’ll need for a career in IT in their home countries.”

Last year, Rafet Jammali a student from Tunisia worked with MatchBack Systems. Rafet was part
of a team that built an ROI tool for the company. “The team enhanced our ROI tool which made it
much easier to load data,” reported Leurquin. “This tool was built using Python and SQL

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