MatchBack Systems Simplifies Optimizing Systematic Matchbacks

MatchBack Systems adds new features to access and analyze matchback data

February 09, 2017
MatchBack Systems, Inc., the leading software as a service (SaaS) solution to automate,
plan and optimize matchbacks, announced today’s release has new features to make it easier for
customers to access data, analyze insights and plan for valuable ‘systematic matchbacks’.

“With all the data flowing through the supply chain, the requirement to turn it into actionable
information is greater than ever,” said Todd Ericksrud, president & CEO for MatchBack Systems.
“There is also a growing recognition in the industry of the value of matchbacks to reduce costs. A
single matchback is relatively easy to execute. When there are hundreds or thousands of scenarios
to evaluate it becomes exponentially more complex. Companies need advanced algorithms and
large scale automation to assess the optimal solutions. MatchBack Systems thrives on mining big
data to identify the most valuable matchbacks—systematic matchbacks.

“Systematic matchbacks are the highest quality and most frequent pairs—the critical few. Our new
functionality makes it easier for customers to select the delivery and pick-up combinations they
always (or never) want to pair. It also gives customers additional options to address specific
business needs. One click and the system automatically executes the match.”

The ability to create and automate systematic matchbacks can save planners significant time and
money. Over the past year, MatchBack Systems has evaluated 194 million potential pairs and
identified 243,000 optimal matchbacks with the potential to save 13.2 million vehicle miles. At
roughly $2/mile, we have presented customers with more than $26 million in potential savings.
The new release also allows data to be processed and analyzed faster. “We know time is money
and every minute counts for every customer,” he continues. “Within minutes of providing their data,
customers receive their matchback results.”

To request a demonstration or join MatchBack Systems, please contact us at 1.844.478.8876 or In Europe, please call +31 107470002.