MatchBack Systems Wins SDCE Green Supply Chain Award

Customers achieve sustainability goals and cost savings with street-turn solutions

December 09, 2020
MatchBack Systems, Inc., the leading software as a service (SaaS) solution to plan, optimize and automate street-turns, announces the company has won a Supply & Demand Chain Executive (SDCE) Green Supply Chain Award for 2020.  The Awards recognize companies who make sustainability a core part of their supply chain strategy and providers of supply chain solutions to help customers achieve measurable sustainability goals.  MatchBack Systems received the Award for its industry-leading services which unlock emissions and cost savings for supply chain clients.
“The SDCE Award recognizes how our optimization technology helps customers reap the green benefits of street-turns in a scalable way,” said Todd Ericksrud, CEO of MatchBack Systems.  “The beauty of a street-turn is that this sustainable solution is not an expense; street-turns are a valuable win-win for the container shipping industry.  In addition to the cost savings and operational efficiencies provided by our services, companies partner with MatchBack Systems to meet sustainability objectives by eliminating distance, congestion and harmful emissions.”
In 2019, MatchBack Systems’ customers achieved $20 million in savings from optimal container street-turns.  The distance saved totaled 10.1 million miles, which resulted in the elimination of 17,330 metric tons of CO2.  Each street-turn reduces emissions by 30% and eliminates over 400 pounds of CO2 while saving $150-$400 in direct transportation costs and $200 in indirect costs.