Our CEO, Todd Ericksrud, presents at MGTIC

MatchBack Systems participated in the inaugual Showcase, put on by The Marine Global Technologies Innovation Center (MGTIC) in New York.

July 02, 2018
The Marine Global Technologies Innovation Center (MGTIC) held its Showcase event in New York City on June 20th 2018. Several companies, including MatchBack Systems, participated in the inaugual event which featured ideas and innovative solutions that address challenges in the maritime industry. Participants gave a brief pitch and fielded questions from the audience.

"Thank you to SUNY Maritime College and MGTIC for organizing this worthwhile event and their advocacy for the marine technology sector", said Todd Ericksrud, CEO of MatchBack Systems. "MGTIC gave us an excellent opportunity to showcase the sustainable benefits of our solutions. The presentation demystified matchbacks and demonstrated how they are real and attainable, today".

The marine repositioning black hole costs the industry $20 billion annually and emits 19 million metric tons of CO2 emissions. But it doesn't need to. 45% of all exports have excessive distance that can be eliminated. Automated matchbacks (or street-turns) are a compelling solution to this problem. A matchback is created when an import container is paired with an export booking without going back to the port in between. Each matchback eliminates $150 - $400 of direct cost, an additional $200 of indirect cost and 400 pounds of harmful CO2.

“MatchBack Systems’ original approach to an age old problem is exactly the type of marine tech innovation we aim to spotlight through the Innovation Center”, stated Christopher Clott PhD, Director and Co-Founder, Maritime Global Technologies.  “MGTIC’s vision is to foster and grow innovative solutions that address current and future problems for the global maritime industry.  Our Start-Up Showcase was a great success, highlighting a bright future for marine technology.”